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Alien Fresh Jerky is proud to provide gourmet nut products, a variety of pistachios, almonds, butter toffee peanuts, trail mix, and more!
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Golden Peanuts
Golden Peanuts (13 oz)
Our Price: $5.00

Alien Fresh Jerky's Golden Peanuts (also known as Japanese Peanuts) are a delicious treat, made of peanuts and a floury, crunchy coating that's simply delicious!!
Jordan Almonds (14 oz)
Jordan Almonds (14 oz)
Our Price: $5.00

Alien Fresh Jerky's Jordan Almonds!! A classic, these Jordan Almonds come in a variety of colored coating. They make a great snack or party favor!!!
Alien Fresh Jerky ~ Japan Nut Mix (11 oz)
Japan Nut Mix (11 oz)
Our Price: $5.00

Alien Fresh Jerky's Japan Nut Mix is a tasty peanut snack!
Pistachios Jalapeno
Pistachios - Jalapeno (7 oz)
Our Price: $5.00

All nautral jalapeno flavored pistachios! These pistachios pack a mild sting heat, and are great for taking to the outdoors on hikes, camping, or backpacking, or for enjoying around the house or office as a lighter snack. They also make for a delicious gift!
Pistachios Tequila
Pistachios - Tequila (7 oz)
Our Price: $5.00

All natural tequila flavored pistachios! Tequila pistachios are lime and salt, which make for a sweet and sour kicking flavor mix! These are awesome to have as a party favor, with drinks, while enjoying the outdoors or simply as a mid morning snack!
Alien Fresh Jerky - Natural Nut Products.