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At Alien Fresh Jerky® we strive to bring you only the highest quality olive products, that's why our olives come only from the central california valley, where they are harvested in an ideal setting. There are over 20 different varities of olives, some of which you may alredy know, for example, the typical sliced black olive widely used as a pizza topping, and who hasn't seen the green olive stuffed with pimento?

What is a stuffed olive?

A stuffed olive is just an olive that has been pitted and stuffed with one of many different condiments. What sets our olives apart is the fact that the pitting and stuffing of the olives is done by hand, one at a time, carefully checked for quality assurance purposes, so that the final product is only of the highest quality. When you buy our stuffed olives rest assured that you are buying only the highest of quality in stuffed olives, nothing less.

The Olive Farm

Our olives are planted, grown, harvested, processed, and packed in the
California Central Valley, assuring that they come from
the perfect location for them, because of the perfect climate and humidity for their growth.

The Central Valley is located in the heart of California, and stretches from just south of Sacramento all the way into the greater Los Angeles area.

Our Olives

There are over 20 varieties of olives, varying in size, color, taste, and texture. Our olives are of the Sevillano variety, and they come in two very distinct styles: Spanish and Sicilian. The difference is in the way each is cured.

Our Spanish olives are purchased from many local California Growers, when possible. Otherwise, they are imported from Spain. They are then spiced, hand pitted and stuffed, jarred, and labeled.

Our Sicilian cured varieties are made from Sevillano olives. They are picked in the Fall, and then barreled and drained with vinegar, salt, and water. They are cured in the sizzling San Joaquin Valley sun for nine months. Around the fourth of July, they are ready for packing, sizing, pitting & stuffing in glass jars.

As stated before, you can taste the quality of our products with every stuffed olive, and our brand ensures that you get the same high quality every time you purchase our olives.