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Ahi Tuna   Ahi Tuna Jerky (4 oz)
ASTRONAUT ICE CREAM   Astronaut Ice Cream (Freeze-Dried Ice Cream)
BUFFALO JERKY   Buffalo Jerky (3 oz)
Galactic Garlic Rosemary   Galactic Garlic Rosemary (4 oz)
Original 3.75oz   Original Jerky (3.75 oz)
Abducted Cow Teriyaki 3.75oz   Premium Abducted Cow Teriyaki Jerky (3.75 oz)
BBQ on the Moon 3.75oz   Premium BBQ on the Moon Jerky (3.75 oz)
Carne Asada Jerky 3.75oz   Premium Carne Asada Jerky (3.75 oz)
Colon Cleaner Hot 3.75oz   Premium Colon Cleaner Hot Jerky (3.75 oz)
Honey Moon Teriyaki Strips   Premium Honey Moon Teriyaki Strips (4 oz)
Honey Teriyaki 3.75oz   Premium Honey Teriyaki Jerky (3.75 oz)
Peppered Jerky 3.75oz   Premium Peppered Jerky (3.75 oz)
Pork Jerky   Premium Pork Jerky (4 oz)
Premium Road Kill Original   Premium Road Kill Original (4 oz)
Sweet Spicy 3.75oz   Premium Sweet & Spicy (3.75 oz)
Turkey Jerky   Premium Teriyaki Turkey Jerky (4 oz)
Weed Killer Hot 3.75oz   Premium Weed Killer Hot Jerky (3.75 oz)
Whiskey Jerky 3.75oz   Premium Whiskey Jerky (3.75 oz)
Southwest Hot 3.75oz   Southwest Hot (3.75 oz)
Space Cowboy Pepper 3.75oz   Space Cowboy Pepper (3.75 oz)

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