New Online Store. Better Jerky. Higher Quality Meat Cut.

As co-founder of Alien Fresh Jerky, the brand, and head of the online store, I would like to inform all our online customers, shoppers, and browsers about what's been going on behind the scenes since around March 9, 2015.

After a decline of quality in our product from a production plant, we would simply not settle with the old saying 'If they keep buying, keep selling.' Our customers are our top priority, not to mention our patrons, so when the quality kept deteriorating we took measures. 

Our natural beef jerky uses a cut known as 'top round'. That's always been the case, as this cut is ideal for making our great tasting beef jerky. Along with the meat cut, the flavors also got a redux. Some flavors were taken down, others were added, and then there are the ones we kept the same, since these are all-time favorites.



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  • Belinda Morris

    I visited your store on 7/30/17 & purchased the sun dried tomato stuffed olives. They are AWESOME.

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