Filet Mignon Jerky - Roadkill Original (3.25 oz)

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They say nothing’s better than the original... Classics are timeless. Why? Because they are peerless. Within that same vein, Roadkill Original is the 1965 Ford Mustang of the jerky world. Often imitated, never duplicated, and never intimidated. This jerky is one of the originals that paved the way for all the great flavors to come. More than just attitude, it has the ability to “make good” on every promise it’s seductive aroma whispers into your heart… each and every time you crack open the bag.

It begins with a savory love tap, with just enough heat to warm the soul. This brush with heat, is quickly massaged into the classic tangy tones of worcestershire sauce. These tones have now become something of a theme song, which our customers gladly chant, by kicking open the front doors of the store every morning.

Every so often someone comes along and can finally improve on a classic…  which is exactly what happened when we revisited this classic and revamped it with our brand new Filet Mignon cut. Soft, lovely, luxurious. Yet convenient enough you don’t need a fork and knife.

This cut will make you think you transported to your favorite 5 star steakhouse. As you sit down and enjoy a perfect balance of flavors that engulf your tongue in unadulterated beefy ecstasy.  Just like that ‘65 Mustang, this cut is rare and highly sought after, so if you see it in stock make sure to get some for yourself!

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