Filet Mignon Jerky - Space Cowboy Peppered (3.25 oz)

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“Could this jerky get any more perfect?” Why yes, it can. How so? By taking that Peppery taste that’s so sinfully rich it defies common sense... and taking it the next level by wrapping it in mouth watering Filet Mignon.

Each generous sized strip of Filet Mignon is packed with that signature worcestershire taste. This cut exhibits the same, done-to-perfection texture that’s more appropriate for a 5 star steak house, than a premium jerky. This connection is more than just a shared cut, the seasonings are very similar as well. Most 4 star plus restaurants Filet Mignon steaks are simply seasoned with nothing more than black pepper, and a handful of other ingredients. With this jerky, you get the black pepper, and the delicious combination of worcestershire and soy sauce.

These two sauces have a powerful one-two punch effect on your tastebuds and pound in this jerky’s relentless and remarkable smokey savory flavor. Now this cut is the most labor intensive to create, which is why we only produce a limited supply of it each and every month. It’s mind numbing good taste hasn’t gone unnoticed either, demand is always high and we routinely run out of our Filet Mignon varieties. If you see it in stock and are thinking about it, grab yours RIGHT NOW before we run out.

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