Filet Mignon Jerky - BBQ On The Moon (3.25 oz) – Alien Fresh Jerky

Filet Mignon Jerky - BBQ On The Moon (3.25 oz)

$ 15.00


Death by delicacy? It’s a possibility. Slow roasted, southern BBQ flavored, carefully draped over a steak house quality cut of precious Filet Mignon. Does it get any better? Yeah sure, but not legally. That being said, there is certainly nothing that tastes better. As with many of the greatest works of art, don’t let the simplicity of expression shroud the mastery of execution. A flavor packed mosaic of Louisiana-style sweet smoke enveloped in sweet Barbados molasses. These handful of ingredients are all that’s needed to create a masterpiece upon a canvass as inviting and deserving as Filet Mignon. I mean seriously, I think Guy Fieri would legitimately consider doing an episode dedicated to this one jerky if we put it on a plate for him. Now here’s the bad news: As with all of our Filet Mignon jerkies we only produce a limited amount of these each month.  Why? These jerkies require a lot more manual labor and skill to produce.

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