Filet Mignon Jerky - Lemon Peppered (3.25 oz) – Alien Fresh Jerky

Filet Mignon Jerky - Lemon Peppered (3.25 oz)

$ 15.00


Imagine walking into a five star restaurant and smelling the sweet and tangy aroma of lemon zest and black pepper on a tender cut of Filet Mignon. You're seated, and after awhile, your cut arrives at your table. You grasp your knife and with little to no effort you cut into your dinner.  Next is the fork with the first juicy bite firmly speared. Your mouth waters, your pulse increases just a little and you take your bite. That flavor, that satisfaction, and a moment of stillness.

You will experience just that when you bite into our Lemon Pepper Filet Mignon Jerky. With each bite you will be welcomed with a waterfall of lemony citrus zest, followed by just the right kind of pepper punch, and finished by a smooth yet subtle garlic flavor that feels as if it was injected directly into your taste buds. This jerky has a unique melody of Eureka lemons and cracked black pepper which effortlessly lulls you into a state of bliss with each and every bite. 

So sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy the luxurious experience this premium cut has to offer. Unless of course, we’re sold out... Which happens pretty frequently because our Filet Mignon is made on limited runs. Why? It takes an inordinate amount of effort and skill to produce these special cuts. So much so that we are only able to produce a very limited amount of bags each month. If it’s in stock, grab it. Trust me, it won’t stay that way.