Filet Mignon Jerky - Peppered (3.25 oz) – Alien Fresh Jerky

Filet Mignon Jerky - Peppered (3.25 oz)

$ 15.00


Filet Mignon.  Mmmmmm. When you hear those two glorious words, you know you are about to have an incredible meal. However, when you combine those words with Peppered Alien Fresh Jerky, you have a recipe for award winning jerky. In fact, our Filet Mignon jerky has been awarded multiple times, not only for its jaw dropping taste, but its mesmerizing pillow soft yet firm texture, that has on more than one occasion, been referred to as steak house worthy. We’re talking thick strips of Filet Mignon, so packed with mouthwatering flavor, you’ll swear all they fed that cow was grass that was marinated in a mixture of worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, and soy sauce.

Filet Mignon by itself is packed with so much flavor that we're concerned that we would have to include a waiver, absolving us of any liability if you become addicted to its immobilizing smokey savory flavor. Each bite is like standing under a surreal salty, sweet waterfall of juicy goodness...that hasn’t been touched by the human race in centuries... with your tongue out. The deep tones of succulent worcestershire, spicy smoke, and crisp pepper pair perfectly with thick and juicy Filet Mignon strips. It’s so simple, yet so precise in it’s execution, you can’t help but marvel at its honey sweet smokey taste.

Remember, not only is this a very popular jerky, it’s also a limited run item for us.  Filet Mignon takes a lot of effort to produce, so we are only able to create a very small supply each month.  If it’s in stock, don’t even think about it, buy it and thank me later.