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Filet Mignon Jerky - Weed Killer Hot (3.25 oz)

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Roll out the red carpet everyone, our Filet Mignon Weed Killer Jerky is so exclusive that it’s actually a rare occasion to see it in stock. In fact, if you are able to add this to your cart right now, do so before you miss your chance, because I guarantee we will be out of stock again soon… and for good reason, when you take the circus balance act of heat and decadently rich smokey flavor that made our weed killer hot a hit… and combine it with one of the finest cuts of beef in the galaxy, you have a match made in heaven, like gummy bears and chamoy or, quilted lamb skin and hand bags, or Monday night and football.

This is more than just a cut of jerky, this is your new favorite family tradition in the making.