TX Style Zero Sugar Beef Jerky - 3.25oz

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TX Style Zero Sugar Beef Jerky - 3.25oz
TX Style Zero Sugar Beef Jerky - 3.25oz

We're Happy To Announce the Release of our New Texas-Style Zero Sugar Beef Jerky! 

It's a delicious peppered recipe that, through some culinary miracle, can deliver a complete, decadent marinated beef flavor without a gram of sugar!

The flavor of this jerky by itself could make it a "Top Ten Seller" at Alien Fresh Jerky.  

Honestly, if We excluded the words "Zero Sugar" from the bag's title, the vast majority of purchasers would never guess the mouthwatering treat they are digging into is sugarless. Most describe it as smooth, dry, and tender peppered jerky with the texture of a pan-seared steak in a bag.

However, when you add in the benefits of reduced sugar intake, stocking up on this jerky is a no-brainer! In fact, there Was an Article on Time.com which perfectly summarized the Benefits of a Reduced Sugar Intake into six points.  

When you reduce your sugar intake, scientists have conducted multiple studies which prove: 


1. Your Skin will look younger.

2. You’ll have less belly fat.

3. You’ll feel more energized.

4. You’ll lower your risk of obesity.

5. Your heart will be in better shape.

6. You’ll cut your odds of contracting type 2 diabetes 

When you consider all of these perks, -- or the risk of experiencing the opposite of the health benefits above-- the decision of throwing a couple of bags of this jerky into your cart becomes a "no-brainer!" Grab a few bags today, to begin your transformation! 

TX Style Zero Sugar Beef Jerky - 3.25oz
TX Style Zero Sugar Beef Jerky - 3.25oz

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