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Filet Mignon Jerky - Honey Chipotle (3.25 oz)

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Our Honey Chipotle Filet Mignon is, honestly, the source of the most frustration in the store, and here’s why: It’s the first thing most people go for when they enter our store, and then naturally we run out… And then comes the frustration.

I could honestly imagine people lining up around the store and waiting on our busier days if we allowed it. I don’t blame them, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory, with a nice amount of heat that really brings out the seasonings. With each bite, white hot chipotle greatness pulses across your tongue like it was being pelted by flaming, yet strangely delicious, brimstone raining down from the heavens… while wave after wave of the cool and satisfyingly tangy Worcestershire and brown sugar sweet taste—exquisitely extinguishes every blaze as soon as it’s lit.

This addictive balance of destruction and repair is specifically what takes our Filet Mignon cut to an entirely new level. Imagine a Filet Mignon steak tossed in a gourmet Honey Chipotle reduction as it’s been pan seared to perfection, and you can see why people stampede to the back of the store to snatch up every bag. If you’re fortunate enough to find it in stock, you’ll want to get it now before we’re sold out... again.

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