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Tri-Tip Jerky - Roadkill Original (3.25 oz)

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You know when we first started, beef was a little too expensive. Have you ever had Roadkill before? Roadkill is the jerky that started it all, simple-yet-delicious. At the first touch of the tongue, your taste buds are drawn in by the savory worcestershire and soy zing, then red pepper turns up the heat, but just before you start to sweat, smooth honey caresses your mouth and soothes you into a dreamstate of pure appreciation.

This instant classic has been revamped with the succulent tri-tip cut… which is so tender you’ll have to double check that you aren’t chewing on jerky flavored marshmallows! This perfectly soft and supple cut absorbs every sweet and savory drop of flavor so when you bite down your mouth is flooded with all kinds of juicy goodness.