About Alien Fresh Jerky

About Us

Alien Fresh Jerky was founded in the year 2000 by Luis Ramallo, his wife Susana Ramallo, and his eldest son Martin Ramallo. Originally established in Crystal Springs, Nevada, the store moved in 2002 to Baker, CA, where it still is today.

The idea was to sell healthier snack alternatives for the road warrior. These snacks included beef jerky, nuts, trail mixes, dried fruits, stuffed olives, and honey. It later would expand to include many more items, and also souvenirs to take back home.

The store in Baker, CA, has grown from a less than 500 sf sales area, to a 4800 sf building, storage and all. When we first started, we could have never in our wildest dream have imagined that the business would grow the way it has, and continues to grow.