TX Style Mesquite Peppered Beef Jerky - 3.25oz
TX Style Mesquite Peppered Beef Jerky - 3.25oz

TX Style Mesquite Peppered Beef Jerky - 3.25oz

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Before the release of Mesquite Peppered, we only offered traditional peppered recipes. Now, for the first time; we are offering a Smoky Peppered recipe.

We're not talking about your average "off the shelf" Smoky pepper jerky recipe either. We used a traditional Mesquite Peppered recipe.  In Texas, the use of Mesquite in your barbeque is viewed as the hallmark of a bonafide Texan Pitmaster. This flavor-packed wood is used to give steaks a signature smokehouse taste.

For Alien Fresh Jerky's Mesquite Peppered recipe, we used a UNIQUE multi-generational Texas family recipe. What makes this recipe so different is that it is both a smoky AND a peppered BBQ recipe.

We didn't stop there; We then paired this recipe with our Texas-Style Eye of Round Cut, which is crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside.  

When you combine a down-south peppered BBQ recipe with Texas sourced beef, you have a recipe for some of the most addicting jerky ever to be captured in a bag.

From the first bite, your taste buds bathe like tiny Roman Emperors in a sea of dark brown sugar, Cajun seasoning, and chipotle peppers. As your taste buds leave their royal bath, they are introduced to the natural flavor of the beef: A buttery, pan-seared barrage of flavor.

When you bite into this cut, it tears, never crumbles. The Eye of Round is a bold cut for one reason: During the cooking process, most of the fat on the cut boils away. However, the flavor stays behind.