3-Pack - The Classics (Best Sellers 2oz Snack Bags)

3-Pack - The Classics (Best Sellers 2oz Snack Bags)

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Behold human, The Best Seller Combo Pack in snack-pack 2oz bags! Here’s what’s included with this deal:  

  • 1 x Sweet & Spicy Premium 2oz bag 
  • 1 x Honey Teriyaki Premium 2oz bag
  • 1 x Roadkill Original Premium 2oz bag

These three recipes are the kings of flavor around here. I have bestowed such a regal title upon them because they have remained top sellers for more than a decade! 

From the first bite, each of these jerky light up the neurons in your brain’s “Reward Circuit” like spider lightning arching across the Norwegian sky.  Let’s begin with the first and highest selling recipe, Honey Teriyaki.  

Honey Teriyaki strikes a perfect balance of cane sugar sweet delights and a slight twinge of savory teriyaki. 

Roadkill Original frames, the sugar cookie-like sweetness of its initial tones of brown sugar weightlessly upon a canvas of tender marinated steak. 

The third and final component of this pack is Sweet and Spicy. Each bite is a cinematic take on an epic battle between two extremes. On one side of the spectrum, you have a weightless display of brown sugar, which is immediately followed by the heavy impact of heat which is dense with flavor. 

Each of these three flavors routinely sells out on the website and I’m sure these curated packs will not be an exception to that fact. Click the add to cart button now before we run out! 

NOTE: There is something else you should know about Alien Fresh Jerky human, every single slice is hand-made in America, by Americans with 100% American steak. No fillers, trimmings, scraps, “beef dust”,  glues, or any other “shortcuts” have been used to produce our mouthwatering jerky. 

These are all Top Round Premium Cut beef jerky products, each snack-pack bag weighing 2oz.