3-Pack - The Classics Savory Pack (2oz Snack Bags)

3-Pack - The Classics Savory Pack (2oz Snack Bags)

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Here’s what’s included in this savory, handmade, toe-curling, 3-Pack:

  • 1 x Peppered Premium 2oz 
  • 1 x Roadkill Original Premium 2oz
  • 1 x Space Cowboy Pepper Premium 2oz

Hello human, have you heard of the term retronasal olfaction?

I know it’s a mouthful but the term describes a fact scientists have known for years, but rarely share with the general public. This little-known concept reveals that the experience of flavor not only comes from the basic senses that we taste but also from the complex flavors that we smell while eating.

The reason why I bring this concept to your attention is that the Savory Pack is a King’s banquet for not only the taste buds but for your nose as well! The flavors contained within this pack, are the most tender, pure, supple jerky we offer! Each bite sends a ripple of pure satisfaction through your body. 

First, let’s start with our Peppered recipe. You may not know this, but in the jerky industry, every chef’s skill is decided by his peppered recipe. 

You can’t hide behind fancy flavors, gimmicks in the bag, or anything else. The ingredients of the classic peppered style of jerky are very simple: a perfectly prepared steak, simple marinade, and a mix of handmade seasonings. That’s it. Our peppered recipe is no different. It's a simple perfectly prepared steakhouse delicacy in a bag, that you can enjoy anywhere you want for the next 12 months!

The second jerky included in this pack is Roadkill Original. Now before you ask, no it’s not from actual roadkill. It is, however, a deeply marinated, steak snack, that keeps the frills to a minimum. This is a seriously savory recipe that lays its layered flavor bare right before your tastebuds. There are hints of cracked black pepper, Worcestershire, subtle notes of brown sugar, and more. 

Finally, we have our Cowboy Peppered Premium recipe, and if you thought Peppered was a serious flavor, this is who that jerky hopes to be when it grows up one day. This jerky is seriously nothing more than a cracked black pepper over a meticulously marinated steak. The natural pops of flavor, generously provided by the marbling within the cut, provide more than enough entertainment for your taste buds. 

The reason why is called Cowboy Peppered is because it is much less tender than the rest of our jerky, and much more close in texture to the jerky prepared on the trail during the dawn of this country. 

These three flavors comprise the Savory Classics 3-Pack Snack Size 2oz bags, and honestly, if you never tried our jerky before, or are a returning fan, this is something you should not pass up. Click the 'Add to Cart' button now and grab your pack before we run out. 

NOTE: There is something else you should know about Alien Fresh Jerky, human, every single slice is hand-made in America, by Americans with 100% American steak. No fillers, trimmings, scraps, “beef dust”,  glues, or any other “shortcuts” have been used to produce our mouthwatering jerky.