3-Pack - The Classics Sweet Pack (2oz Snack Bags)

3-Pack - The Classics Sweet Pack (2oz Snack Bags)

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The Classics Sweet Pack offers three of our most decadent, delicious, and quite frankly, most sought-after recipes!  

Here’s what you’ll get when you order today: 

  • 1 x Honey Teriyaki Premium 2oz 
  • 1 x Abducted Cow Pineapple Teriyaki Premium 2oz 
  • 1 x BBQ On The Moon Premium 2oz

The first recipe included in this three-pack is our Honey Teriyaki. “Honey-T” is also our number one selling flavor. It effortlessly applies a Beethoven level of precision to its harmony of Sweet honey and savory teriyaki. Let’s start with the first half of the brilliant duet that comprises Honey Teriyaki’s mesmerizing flavor: Honey

Out of all of our flavors, I’ve never tasted honey that is as alluring, bewitching, flirtatious, delicate, and authentic. When you combine that already jaw-dropping flavor with a deep teriyaki that is almost sinfully savory, multifaceted, and silky smooth, it’s no wonder this flavor outsells the rest of our lineup. 

The second recipe included in this three-pack is Abducted Cow Pineapple Teriyaki. By far it’s one of the most unique and decadently rich flavors we offer. It’s much like the number one seller Honey Teriyaki, but it takes a completely different approach to create the addictive balance between the sweet and savory flavors. From the first bite, your taste buds are assaulted by a precision strike of fruity Pineapple. Within seconds, the second wave of decadent teriyaki rolls across your tongue like the evening tide.  

The third recipe is one of my personal favorites: BBQ on the Moon. BBQ on the Moon is a sweet bbq recipe that you have to taste to believe. From the first bite this jerky massages brown sugar, honey, garlic, fancy molasses, caramel, and a host of other spices into your tastebuds. It’s simply incredible and you owe it to yourself to give this southern miracle a try! 

Don’t take my word for it, try BBQ on the Moon and all the other classics included in this pack today by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button now!  

NOTE: There is something else you should know about Alien Fresh Jerky, human, every single slice is hand-made in America, by Americans with 100% American steak. No fillers, trimmings, scraps, “beef dust”,  glues, or any other “shortcuts” have been used to produce our mouthwatering jerky. 

These are all Top Round Premium Cut beef jerky products, each snack-size bag weighing 2oz.