3-Pack - The Classics Sweet & Spicy Pack (2oz Snack Bags)

3-Pack - The Classics Sweet & Spicy Pack (2oz Snack Bags)

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Hello human, I see you found your way to one of our most popular jerky packs, the Sweet and Spicy Pack 3-Pack in our 2oz Snack Bags. Here’s what it includes:  

  • 1 x Sweet & Spicy Premium 2oz
  • 1 x Southwest Hot Premium 2oz
  • 1 x Honey Chipotle Premium 2oz

Have you ever wondered why you love Sweet and spicy foods? Here’s the secret: Sugar counteracts capsaicin, the chemical compound that gives peppers their signature burning kick.

When you bite into a tender strip of Honey Chipotle, and your taste buds are taken on a one-way pleasure cruise south of the border, your body is bombarded with a healthy dose of capsaicin. Which in turn releases, wave after wave of endorphins within your body. Endorphins are the “Pleasure Chemical” within the human brain.  

Honey Chipotle. It's a beautiful and brutal experience, which transformed Honey Chipotle into a rising star among our most die-hard fans-- and that’s just the first of THREE flavors included in this pack! 

The second flavor, Southwest Hot, has to be one of the most criminally underrated jerkies we offer. Orders for this jerky fly off the shelves of both our online store and our physical store. The reason why is simple: it's the most tender of our extremely hot jerky flavors. 

The up-close and personal level of heat this flavor brings to the table isn’t just a superficial, chemically laced torture fest. The multilayered flavor is hidden within the heat. It’s a piece of culinary art, smoldering slowly within the flames. It's a brilliant, gorgeous, and genius way to crack the code on how to present intense heat, while still preserving the pillow's soft, tender texture we all love.

Last but certainly not least, is Sweet and Spicy. The legend. We call it “The Legend” because we routinely sell out of this jerky online, and also at the many locations that carry our jerky around the United States. 

It’s always back-ordered for one simple reason: It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. It’s a freak of nature, with a flavor that heads in two completely opposite yet complementary directions every time you bite down on each decadent slice of steak. 

Every jerky in this pack is incredible, and now you can have them all with a simple click of the button.  

NOTE: There is something else you should know about Alien Fresh Jerky, human, every single slice is hand-made in America, by Americans with 100% American steak. No fillers, trimmings, scraps, “beef dust”, glues, or any other “shortcuts” have been used to produce our mouthwatering jerky. 

These are all Top Round Premium Cut beef jerky products, each snack size bag weighing 2oz.