4-Pack - The Classics Best Sellers - Alien Fresh Jerky

4-Pack - The Classics Best Sellers

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Feeling hungry? Here’s the extra-large version of our Best Seller Pack. This insanely filling pack includes four bags of jerky. You can eat them all at once. 

You can split the pack in half and enjoy two separate snacks. You can give a few bags to family and friends, or you can sit down, turn on Netflix and have yourself an amazing night! 

You don’t have to worry if you are making the right choice because this pack comes with all of our best sellers.

Here’s what you’ll get:   

  • 1 x Sweet & Spicy Premium 3.25oz 
  • 1 x Honey Teriyaki Premium 3.25oz
  • 1 x Roadkill Original Premium 3.25oz
  • 1 x Weed Killer Hot Premium 3.25oz

First, any pack that includes our Sweet & Spicy and Honey Teriyaki recipes, is a winner! However, when you add Roadkill Original and Weed Killer Hot to the mix-- you literally have a buffet of pleasure at your fingertips. 

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NOTE: There is something else you should know about Alien Fresh Jerky human, every single slice is hand-made in America, by Americans with 100% American steak.  No fillers, trimmings, scraps,  “beef dust”,  glues, or any other “shortcuts” have been used to produce our mouthwatering jerky. 

These are all Top Round Premium Cut beef jerky products, each bag weighing 3.25oz.